Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gringo's damage ...

... wasn't as severe as I thought it would be. The photographic evidence is below.

All that shiny brown (unpainted) wood would be new.
He even splintered the wood that is part of the door framework!
There's Gringo. In about the only dry spot in his pasture. 
And Jade. The latch, seen above, was needing replacement after Jade ran through the gate (chased by coyotes). This was what was failing and lead to Gringo escaping.
The dutch door that Gringo squeezed under ... it's really not that tall, so I'm not sure why he felt inclined to escape out. Silly boy.

Then, I decided to take some new conformation shots of Gringo. He was not being very cooperative. Go figure. So, here goes nothing.

It's like he's saying "I swear, it wasn't me who escaped ... it was the other Gringo. You know, the crazy American?!?"

So the floor isn't entirely even, especially from side to side. The middle of the aisle is a bit taller then the sides, but there is definitely no uniform unevenness - it's all uneven.

Not sure if it's just the lighting or what, but it looks like you can see his ribs. You can't really see then in person, but you can fairly easily palpate them.

So, what does this shoulder say to you? Upright? Slopping? ???

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