Monday, March 12, 2012

The view from the back of my horse ...

... is always a fabulous view.

On Saturday (and Sunday, for that matter), we had fabulous weather here in central MN. It was nearly 60 degrees, slightly breezy and just as sunny as could be. So what did I do? I took Gus out on the "trails" aka gravel roads.

All we did was mainly walk and trot, with a couple canter strides thrown in for good measure, but Gus was such a good boy. Just a few dragon-breathing moments, but no spook and spins. So that's a plus (granted we didn't see any cows either).

Here was my view during the ride:

Look at all that standing water! Sad thing is, we're in a drought AND we still have frost in the ground.

Our shadow.

I ended up booting Gus up with his Cavallo Simple boots, simply (haha) because he's been a bit foot sore again and I didn't want to have a new issue arise. Gus is due to have his hooves trimmed again on Wednesday. Last go-round, J suggested Natural Balance shoes but only if the weather was cooperating. So, we'll see. It's a muddy mess outside right now and I don't think shoes are the smartest idea, at the moment.

Here's a few more shots I took after our ride:

Conformation shot + tack (note the Cavallo Simple boots)


Gus modeling his new sheet. Pretty spiffy, don't ya' think.

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