Monday, August 13, 2012

Not again.

Well last Wednesday was lesson time again. And it came and went - in not such a good way. I had gone out to the pasture to bring Gus in for our lesson and noticed when he was walking on the concrete that his hoof beats weren't regular. Granted he's just shod up front, but the echo sounded off. He even looked off. So, I quickly picked out his hooves (which were PACKED with dirt and other debris) and walked him up and down the aisle. He looked better or so I thought...

We managed to get into the arena with no issues but it became apparent when I went to lunge him that he was off. It was hard to tell at first, but B thought it was left fore ... that's kinda what I thought as well. And well, he was "sound on down" or well, as the saying actually goes "down on sound" - so looked okay on the right fore.

Doing a little bit of digging around, it looked like he had nicked himself on his left fore coronet band (outside). Not sure how he did it, but ironically enough two years ago this past May, he had the EXACT same injury, same hoof and all. That was the beginning of the end though (see all of 2010's blog posts from May through January 2011) so I'm hoping he was just ultra sensitive to that injury.

On the right front, by the heel bulbs, he had some scratches (the infection, not superficial marks) so who knows if that is causing issues or not. He's never been that sensitive to scratches before, but with Gus you never know.

Photos to come and an update to follow. B was supposed to lunge Gus today for me as I am not able to make it out until Wednesday.

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