Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Update.

Well, the news wasn't good. Gus is scheduled to be seen by Dr. N on Friday. She's already got a visit scheduled out at the barn, so Gus is just tacking onto her books.

Here's what B had to say Monday evening:

I wish I had good news-but I don't.  If anything he looks a bit worse.  It also seems to be puffy at the top of the fetlock, and I think a it of heat in there?

Uggh! I could scream, however I don't think that'll help anything. So I'll refrain - for now. I did manage to upload the photos of Gus's "injury" the other night, so the following photos are from a week ago (August 8th).

Look at the far right side of his coronet band ...

View from the back ... the puncture wounds are on the left side now.

Close up. There are three areas, I believe. The upper left "slit", the dark reddish-brown circular area, an then another spot directly below that circular area ... that area was squishy and slightly warm.

This shows a better photo of that third site ... just below and to the left of the circular site (almost centered in the photo).

Scratches? Center at base of heel bulbs and also on back of pastern?
I had forgotten to mention (because I forgot) but I had noticed last Wednesday that Gus was back to landing on the outside of the LF and rolling the hoof forward and to the right. Not landing heel-toe. Uggh. I plan on getting out the barn tonight and seeing for myself how he looks ... weather and time permitting, I'll be taking new photos and perhaps some video, if he's still landing awkwardly.

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