Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Gus.

While yesterday was typically "lesson" day, due to Gus's current circumstances I opted to not ride and save myself that little bit of $$ (to go towards a hopefully small vet bill tomorrow). B was just finishing up a lesson last night and wanted to see how Gus went on the lunge line. Needless to say, he's still very much over but *thankfully* only on the left fore - unless both of us are seeing wrong.

Upon further digging once back in the cross-ties, it looks like Gus may have sprung (or tried to in this case, since he wasn't successful) that LF shoe, which is causing some discomfort. Perhaps he has a rock/gravel/sand/debris wedged between the sole and the shoe? Honestly, with Gus, who really knows?

Slightly sprung LF shoe - gaping present towards the heel area.

Another view ... doesn't show how bad the gap really is. The shoe should be literally flush with the sole.

Another view of the whole hoof - well, side shot anyways.

So, plan still stands to have the vet out to look at Gus tomorrow. I'm really hoping that it was just a sprung shoe and some slightly pulled ligaments/tendons ... but knowing Gus like I do, that really won't be the case.

Here's a crappy, unedited video from last night ... it's short and sweet and sorta shows the odd movement of Gus. I would have liked to get another video, but B interrupted me while I was filming and I forgot to reshoot so you'll have to make do with what I managed to grab.

Updates to follow soon once I've heard back from the vet. Appointment is set for 11am tomorrow.

On to Gringo news - the poor boy has been sorely neglected by me for the past month or so. I feel horrible but life hasn't allowed me to really get out to see him - even Gus has "suffered" due to my crappy schedule as of late. Plan is to get out there tomorrow morning before work. I'd like to get some photos ... so we'll see if that's doable.

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