Monday, September 24, 2012

Clipper Time

Uggh. I had really hoped that this season, things would go as planned. But of course, that wasn't to be the case. I was prepared and had four new blades purchased and ready to go. Gus had a bath this morning and was spotless. I don't think he's been that clean in a long time. And what happened? Multiple blades decided not to work. Again.

Well, four hours or so later, I finally had him done. Sad thing was, I ended up just doing a trace clip - kinda modified to suite me and Gus's workload, but still should not have taken that long.

Here's the  few images I was able to capture.

You can just see on the edge of the frame where the clip lines are. Basically, his neck, chest, belly and half of his back are clipped. I left his rump and back legs alone.

My favorite picture.

So, hopefully this clip will work for Gus. It'll sure beat handwalking him for hours to cool off after our lessons in the evening, that's for sure.

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