Thursday, September 6, 2012

Riding Recap

Yesterday and today I had two amazing rides on Gus. Lesson day was yesterday and for the first time in a month, heck since before then even, Gus was really really good.

I started with lunge work, as per our usual, but I made the decision to NOT canter on the lunge. Typically when I ask for the canter on the lunge, we get the whole BFB ordeal. NOT worth it ... I just don't want to stress out that soft tissue injury. We had NICE lunge work yesterday and again today. I did a lot of walk work to start with before I even asked for a trot. Once I asked for the trot, I had a nice, gorgeous, floaty trot. LOVED it.

Once the undersaddle work started, the objective was a nice, slow jog trot. Gus was offering a nice, big trot but like B stated, if Gus starts trucking too fast, he falls on this forehand and that defeats the whole purpose of everything. So slow and steady it is.

The whole lesson was spent on getting Gus moving straight, relative to each movement. Basically, we spent the entire lesson on serpentines - sometimes the loops were true bend, others were on the counter-bend. Whatever the exercise was supposed to do, I think it worked. Gus had a lot more suspension ... more then he's ever had before. I just loved the trot we had. Today, wasn't as nice ... but still nice enough trot work.

Canter. Boy was that interesting. Yesterday was much better then today, but still difficult both days. The canter work consisted of basically just canter the second track down the long sides working on being as Much more difficult then one would think.

But all in all, two very nice rides these last two days.

On another note, J still hasn't been out to reset Gus's shoes. Looks like it'll be next week sometime before he's able to make it out again. Gus's shoes are holding, but barely. I just hope we don't loose any hoof if they come off prematurely.

ETA: Here's some photos taken on the 5th, post ride. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunset. Wish I had my "real" camera with to capture some nicer images, but these work well enough - just don't do Gus or the sunset justice.

Gus modeling some ice boots. He's stylin'.

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