Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today is game day.

Well, after having two nice, light, hacking sessions with Gus since last Wednesday, today we'll see where his soundness truly lies. Our first ride back after the latest break was on Saturday morning, followed by another ride later on Monday. Both times it was just a nice, easy [mainly walking] ride outside in the fresh air. Gus was on his best behavior and it was a very enjoyable ride. However ...

I have not lunged Gus or worked with him in the indoor since last Wednesday. I didn't want to stress the front legs by pounding him into the ground on trot circles (or worse yet, him behaving like a lunatic doing the BFB movements) so it's truly hard to distinguish how sound Gus really is. Outside, he felt fairly even or in his case, consistently uneven aka stiff. The few times I did ask for the trot, we had nice steps but it's really hard to be sure what I was feeling was real, as the ground is currently hard as rocks and uneven itself.

So, plan for tonight is to warm up with some light lunging ... HOPEFULLY Gus won't be an idiot. If he is, well time will be cut super short. I'm hoping that we (B and I) can work on some exercises to increase Gus's flexibility and suppleness. I guess we'll see what happens when it happens.

Forgot to mention, but after the last two rides and even last Wednesday, after every workout session, I've been cold-hosing and then ice booting Gus's LF leg. Not sure if it helps a lot, but makes me feel like I'm doing something for him. After about 10-20 minutes of the ice boot (couldn't tell you how long exactly cause I'm usually running around doing other things while he's chilling in the cross-ties), the leg is nice and tight and COLD. Secretly, I think Gus really enjoys it. Funny boy.

On to more pressing news, Gus still has not has his shoes reset. Really stinks but I guess J is out with a really bad back [injury?]. We're all hoping he gets well very fast. I guess he's got over 200 clients and well, we're all frantic to get our horses hooves trimmed again. Thankfully, the shoes are holding well enough and with the ground being rock-hard, I believe that's benefiting Gus ... as long as he's not having to try and stomp flies away. Hoping the new shoes come within the next week or two.

Then, on to even BETTER news. Gringo is moving back to B's as of November 1st. I'm SO EXCITED. And even stranger yet, so is the MIL. Yippee! Reason why Gringo is moving back is because I truly would like to get him started under saddle and there is absolutely no way I'll get that accomplished with him living out at their place, the in-laws, that is. We're losing daylight as I type and with my work schedule and the barn(s) in relation to work and home, it just makes a lot more sense to have him at B's for the winter. The plan, therefore, is to keep him at B's over the winter and go from there. I truly hope he stays sound enough for light work ... so, please cross your fingers!

More news to come. Eventually. When I'm not so dang tired and stuck at work. :-)

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