Monday, September 24, 2012

Gringo Time!

So, a long overdue update on the younger Mr. G.

Gringo had his hooves done this morning - I think he was at 9.5 weeks this time. I did tell L that Gringo is moving at the end of October, so we're switching to the other farrier while he's at B's. L understood and wish me and Gringo luck over the winter months. I truly am excited to start working with him more.

Here's the photos from today's trim:

Not sure what happened to the lateral shot of the LH. Oops - I must have deleted it.

After his trim, I put Gringo to work on the lunge line. We worked on walk and trot with and without side reins. Overall, he was a good boy. Forgot the meaning of "whoa" for the first 10 minutes but he eventually remembered his manners. After a little work on the lunge, we went for a handwalk around the property. Again, he was a very good boy.

After all that work, we had another impromptu photoshoot in the barn. Camera phone - not the nice DSLR. Here's Gringo working the camera.

Looks like I got Laura, a friend and fellow boarder, to move Gringo for me at the end of next month. We are  tentatively planning on moving him the last Friday of the month. Fingers crossed that we can make that date (or the day before) work.

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