Monday, November 5, 2012


Hmm. That's about all I can say about Gus, right about now.

So in talking with B over the last couple days, she's mentioned that she, too, has seen the cribbing/windsucking going on with the tire. Gus has been at it so much, that he's actually relocated the tire about a foot from where it was originally. And this isn't no tiny little car tire. It's a huge tractor tire. Sheesh! B also stated that she's seen Gus laying down a lot more then normal as well. Gus does tend to lay down a lot, and if I'm not mistaken, his sleeping habits tend to increase in the fall/winter months. We're still not sure what's up with Gus, so he's just going to be monitored for the time being. FWIW, B did as Dr. N about the tire issue and she's at loss as to why he'd be doing it.

I did end up riding today though. Gus was a really good boy. Nothing unusual at all. He was stiff starting out, especially since I didn't lunge again but with our typical warm-up (shoulder stretches, flexions, etc) he worked out of everything. I was very proud of Gus. He was a good boy today.

I decided to put him in his heavier blanket. The main reason is because I'm going to be gone for the next week due to my best friend's wedding this weekend. So, because of our weird weather, I opted to go heavier then lighter. Basically, he's wearing 20g more fill then he was prior. I'm pretty sure he'll survive. Plus he's got his neck cover on now. So that should help keep those muscles nice and loose. Hopefully.

Gringo was a good boy today as well. Well, as good as to be expected. I opted to just do a quick lunge session with him  to see if he's sound. He is. I truly thing his soundness will always be and on again, off again kind of thing. We ended up lunging in just a halter and while he did as asked, he didn't necessarily behave as obediently as he's done in the past. Down transitions too a LONG time to come around, but eventually they happened. We even had the correct canter lead most of the time (left lead is a lot easier then the right).

I did end up measuring Gringo today. I haven't sticked him in ages. Surprise, surprise. He's about 15.1 1/2 hands. When I first got him, he was a smidge over 14.3, I believe. Pretty sure he's done growing now. He should be anyways, since he's nearly 10 years old.

Gringo is still rocking his Centaur sheet. It's a great sheet that I got this past spring. Gus had been rocking the same sheet. What I love about them is that they provide mid-neck coverage. And they have a decent length drop. So, while Gringo's sheet is too big, by about 1 size, at least he doesn't look like a fat guy wearing an A-shirt.

I haven't done an update on grain/supps in a while, so here's what the boys are on currently.

Grain: 3/4lb twice a day
Supps: 10g MSM
Hay: 3 flakes twice a day (probably 30lbs)

Grain: 1/4lb twice a day
Supps: 10g MSM
Hay: 2 flakes twice a day (probably 20lbs)

I'll give an update again next Wednesday. Here's hoping Gringo behaves himself for J on Wednesday and the boys don't cause too much drama between now and then.

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