Friday, November 2, 2012

Wednesday's Recap

So, it's Friday. Finally. And I totally forgot to write a recap on Wednesday's lesson. So, here goes.

Gringo was still slightly off still on the left front (the same leg with the old fractured coffin bone). So instead of lunging, we worked about 45 minutes on in-hand work. He was MUCH better Wednesday then he was the day prior with me working with him back  by his withers. I think it's a totally new sensation for Gringo to have me not walking by his head ... so in time, I think he'll improve. He's still slightly better working in-hand on the left then to the right. But again, time should tell and I have no doubts that he'll improve.

After the in-hand session was done, we did some mounting block work. Gringo has definitely improved, though marginally, with our mounting block work. On Wednesday I was able to get him to willing walk forward and STAND STILL at the mounting block. Whohoo. Success! I also was able to but a bit of weight on his back with my leg - and he just stood that. It was a very proud momma moment for me. He was even good with me bumping him in the rump.

Gus's lesson went really well as well. Same ol', same ol' as far as material covered. But he was a good boy, yet again. Working with him on the lunge, the first time since last week, was interesting. Holy cow was he god awfully hideous looking when first started out. But, we made progress and soon enough he was moving a lot freer in the back and shoulder.

Undersaddle, we did the shoulder stretches and flexion circles again. I have to say, I love those shoulder streches. They are FABULOUS!!! A definite must for Gus, every ride, every time. The trot and canter work was really nice on Wednesday. I couldn't have been more pleased with my old, arthritic horse. Definitely a good, positive lesson.

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