Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's been ages ... again.

Life has been busy these last few days/weeks, so unfortunately G2's blog (and the boys themselves) have been neglected. I thought I'd manage to get caught up (and ride) this weekend, but unfortunately that hasn't happened either - though I am managing to update the blog. Yah!

So, I did end up having a lesson last week - first one in two weeks due to cancelling the week prior due to my trip down south for a wedding (which was way too much fun). The lesson went well enough. We worked primarily in the walk, doing the shoulder stretches for a few laps - eventually converting those to turn on the haunches (least I think that's what they were ... as the haunches stayed stationary and we pivoted around) or walk pirouettes. Gus was a really good boy though much better behaved going to the right I think, then he was to the left. Anyways, a great exercise and Gus was very cooperative.

I also rode sans spurs. Honestly, didn't make a difference whatsoever whether I was wearing them or not. Gus still ignores my leg. So, lesson learned perhaps? We can refrain from spurs for the time being since they don't accomplish anything but a horse who just keeps shutting down mentally.

Gringo's been on the back burner as of late as well too. He did have a couple in-hand workouts the last couple times I was out, but that's about it. He's great on the lunge so now I really need to work on getting him used to me working him in-hand and also ground driving. That's our goal for the next couple months.

Both boys had their hooves done in the last three weeks. Gus's were done back on the 27th, Gringo's on the 14th of November. Both were good boys, as usual. Although Gringo had J do his hooves for the first time in ages ... that would be female J. She said he was good, a bit jumpy, but good nonetheless.

Here's the photos, Gus first.


Alright. Now Gringo's hooves.

And some other fun photos of Gringo ... I don't think I've posted these yet. If so, just ignore.

More updates to come.

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