Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tire Cribbing?

WTH? I went out to the barn yesterday to drop off board and say a quick "hi" and "bye" to the boys and found Gus has a new found passion. Cribbing/windsucking on his hay tire. Seriously? WTH!?!

I talked to B and she said C (the BM per say) noticed Gus doing that on Friday ... so as much as we can gather, this is a new thing. I guess that's good to know, but still frustrating as to why he's doing it to begin with. I'm going to attempt to locate the old crib strap ... I hate to have to use it again, but seriously, he can't be doing this again.

Gringo is still doing well. He's not running to meet me at the gate anymore but he still seems happy to see me, which is good. He's getting his hooves trimmed by J (the female J) on Wednesday, so I HOPE he's a good boy. C is mostlikely the one who's going to handle him and she really doesn't like Gringo. Horses can sense that so I do hope he's on his best behavior. Unfortunately due to my work schedule and the fact that I'm leaving for Georgia on Friday morning, I won't be out at all until after my trip. I'm hoping J can tackle some of the issues I've been having with Gringo's hooves and bring them back up to par.

Speaking of hooves, Gus had his done about two weeks ago. I have pictures ... just need to upload them. Maybe I'll get around to that this evening. I'm hoping to get in a quick ride tomorrow afternoon as that's the last chance I'll be able to make it out before the trip. Both boys need to have their grain replenished and I think I'm going to change out Gus's blanket ... we'll see.

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