Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Trail Ride of the New Year!

Well, today it was FINALLY nice enough (and I was off work in time) to have a quick ride outside. It's a muddy, wet mess outside, but that didn't stop me or Gus. We had a nice ride out on the gravel roads today ... probably did about a mile or two over the course of about 30 minutes. Gus was a VERY GOOD boy, as usual. There is definitely something to be said when you can pull a horse out of the pasture, tack him up, and ride outside like you've been doing it all winter long. Love my ol' man.

So, I did end up putting Gus and Gringo in lighter-weight blankets. Gringo, actually, is running around now in his Centaur sheet. Gus has his Centaur sheet on along with an ancient blanket ... so about 100g or so of fill total.

Both boys are still shedding out like crazy, which is a very good thing. Hopefully after a couple more weeks, they'll both be done shedding out. That would be absolutely AMAZING.

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