Friday, April 12, 2013

It's been a while ...

but I figure I should update everyone again on how the boys are doing.

The last time I worked with either horse was back on April 2nd, I think. It's honestly been a while but thankfully both boys are doing fabulous out at B's. It's very reassuring to know that I can be gone for a week and not have to worry about them. Even though it's in my nature to worry about them, regardless.

Before I forget, here's photos of Gus's hooves from his last trim, which was March 14th. These photos were taken a week later on the 21st.

His next trim is on April 25th. I'm hoping to pull the snow pads AND borium studs by then. Kinda glad I left them on for this last round, as we just got dumped with another 6+ inches of snow here on Wednesday and the forecast is calling for another 6 to 9 inches by Sunday. Great. Love living in the midwest ... not.

Gringo's doing pretty fabulous as well. He was supposed to be trimmed by J on Wednesday, but due to the lovely snowstorm, she had to reschedule. Totally understandable. So, not sure if he's actually been done yet or not. She was going to let me know when she was out but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm thinking if she hasn't done him already, it'll likely be early this next week.

Riding has definitely become more of a challenge as of late. On Sunday, I'll officially be 27 weeks pregnant - and only three months til Baby B is due. Not sure if Baby is a boy or girl as we opted to not find out. So instead, we're calling it Baby B. My mom call's it "Lexi", one of my favorite nicknames for Alexanderia. My BIL calls it his "nicefew" - short for niece/nephew. Pretty cleaver, if I do say so myself.

So, with riding, it's been interesting. I have been limiting myself to mostly walking, with some trot and/or canter thrown in IF I feel balanced enough to try. Unfortunately, carrying all this extra weight around makes it hard for me to balance. I can definitely no longer get up into the saddle from the ground. Mounting blocks are a life saver (and a Gus.back.saver). Dismounting involves using the near-side stirrup ... but it's still very much doable. I'm hoping having the last two weeks or so off won't make matters worse when I go to ride again. I'd like to keep riding for as long as I can. But we'll see. My body will let me know when it's no longer feasible.

I know I've said it before, but I'm going to try hard to keep this blog updated on a more regular basis ... hopefully I can make good on that promise.

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