Tuesday, April 16, 2013

27 Weeks and Still Riding!

... And I have pictures to prove it! Except, well they are on my cell phone and I'm on the computer. I will get them downloaded and update this blog once I get the opportunity though.

So after work yesterday, I decided to get some "therapy" in and headed out to the barn for some 1 on 2 time with my boys. Both boys were SO HAPPY to see me. Makes me a happy mom, that's for sure. Gringo is almost entirely shedded out, where as Gus still has a long ways to go. But, we're making progress. Since I've owned Gus, I don't think he's every began shedding this early in the year. Typically, it's late April/May and he's not done until June. We'll see if he's done by May. I kinda doubt it - especially with the type of spring we've been having. But at least he's started the process.

Yesterday's ride was very lazy but good. I rode Gus and ponied Gringo so we didn't get anything accomplished. Which is okay because my body really can't handle too much right now anyways. Getting on and off of Gus is getting more and more comical as the weeks go on. Least I'm still landing on both feet!

We started off with the should stretches followed by the 10m half-circles. Once done with that, we did a half a lap at the trot around the arena, with a 20m circle thrown in at either E or B. Then we rinsed and repeated the other direction. Very uneventful.

Gringo was a good pony yesterday as well. He was not such a pest to Gus and actually is becoming better at trotting on command, least when I ask Gus to trot he picks up the trot as well. Very proud of him as 6 months ago, we didn't have that ... heck even early December/January we didn't have that. So all the ground work (long-lining and ground-driving) have paid off. Woot. Woot!

Anyways, I'll get those photos posted soon. Promise.

ETA on 4.26.13 - Proof that I'm still riding at 27 weeks.

Proof that I'm in the saddle at 27 weeks ... riding Gus and ponying Gringo.

Pre-ride ... wasn't sure if I'd be able to manage riding + ponying + camera.
Gus and I

Post-Ride. A very sleepy Gus.
Post-Ride. Gus conformation-ish shot.
The boys before our ride.
Gringo and I, pre-ride (or in his case, pre-ponying).

Gringo. Post-Ride ... bright eyed and ready for more adventures.
Gringo, post-ride.

A conformation shot of Gringo.
Another confo. shot of Gringo.

Gringo mugging the camera.

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