Friday, April 26, 2013


So, Gringo has his hooves trimmed last week (I forget which day) and Gus had his done yesterday. Both boys' hooves are looking pretty good, all things considered.

J said Gringo's hooves showed signs of improvement, least where thrush was a concern. I'm still supposed to be using Tomorrow (or is it Today?) as often as possible to help cure and prevent further thrush outbreaks. Easier said then done when it's been so dang muddy and wet outside. Oh well. Such is life for an outdoor horse who's owner is VERY pregnant.

As usual, here's Gringo's hooves in their typical order (LF, LH, RH, RF).

I'm not entirely sure why his front frogs are so dang narrow. I can understand with the left front, as that's his "clubby" foot due to lingering effects associated with the fractured coffin bone in that hoof. But the right front? Nothing has ever been wrong with that hoof - but it's always had a narrower frog, least when compared to the hinds.

Gus FINALLY had his pads and studs removed. Woot! Woot! This means it's finally SPRING. Or in our case, it's summer. Spring never even happened.

All things considered, Gus's hooves look fabulous. The fronts look pretty dang good, especially since they've been covered up since January (I think that's when I put pads on ... it may have been back in December even).

As with Gringo, Gus's hoof shots are in the same "order".

I ended up pulling Gus's bell boots for a couple days. I'm REALLY hoping it wasn't a mistake to do so, but they were so mud-logged, it wasn't even funny! Hopefully a couple days to air out will allow Gus's fetlocks to air out as well. I'm really hoping I don't have to deal with any "scratches" this year.

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