Friday, April 26, 2013

In touch with our feminine side ...

So, a few weeks (maybe a month?) back, I had to get Gus another new fly mask. I ended up tossing out two fly masks a while back because they had literally gotten destroyed, so I figured I should replace at least one of them.

My favorite fly masks are the Cashel ones. They are made of a softer fleece material, which seems to help minimize rubs. And the mask part itself is fairly sturdy yet still yielding. LOVE these fly masks.

So, normally I get the plain ol' boring (original) grey/grey fly masks (with ears). But when I was at the local tack store a month or so ago, all she had were the pretty (but PINK) breast cancer awareness masks. So, Gus was stuck looking like an Easter bunny with big ol' pink ears.

Photographic proof that Gus wears pink.

However, just one feminine fly mask wasn't enough. I felt the need to torture Gus further. It didn't help that I had a gift certificate that I needed to use up as well.

Proof that I enjoy embarrassing my horse WAY TOO MUCH.

I really don't think the above fly mask is TOO girly ... and Gus is a pretty enough color to pull it off. However, this is what Gringo thought of the fly mask ... 

Looking at Gus ... think OMG! I'm glad that's you and not me.
Gringo acting like a flirt ... and giving Gus the "look" of knowing at least he (Gringo) isn't getting tortured.
 Lastly, some parting shots of Gus sans fly mask.

I'm pretty sure I have two of the prettiest ponies out there. I love my two Appys. I may *think* otherwise, from time to time, but I'm only human. They are DEFINITELY the best therapy out there that money can buy. 

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