Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another nice day.

So today was another nice afternoon in MN. Was supposedly supposed to snow, but instead it's a balmy 30 + degrees out and sunny as all can be. Just gorgeous. Wish this would last, but sadly it's too early yet for weather like this.

Had Mom come out with me to the barn today. Found out I can do videos with my new Blackberry Curve. So I wanted to get some shots of Gus walking and trotting so I can see how things are going for him. Well, she couldn't get the video program to work right so that didn't work as planned. Anyhow, here's my first attempt at making a video.

He was actually pretty good today again. Tried some ground poles that L had put out but they were set too close so getting Gus to trot through them was actually pretty hard (couldn't stretch out like he likes to do). Was feeling pretty good to the right again in the trot. The left seemed better then yesterday, but still noticeably different from the right (hence me wanting to video it).

Hoping to con someone into videoing us this week sometime. We'll see who I can convince.

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