Friday, March 20, 2009

Hay Analysis

So took Gus's hay in to be tested. He typically gets two different types of hay throughout the day. One he gets in his stall at night and the other he gets outside with his pasture buddy in the mornings.

Here's the indoor results:

And the outdoor:

Looks like the indoor is better hay, sugar wise, but it's still higher then I'd like. Soaking it would reduce the sugars by 1/3 to 1/2... which would then then bring the sugar down to around the 7% range. Way better then the nearly 12% it is right now.

The BO still thinks that I don't need to change anything. The vet isn't on board, yet either because she still hasn't returned any of my emails. Really frustrating but well, perhaps she's just busy. I really don't know.

Gus seems okay right now, but it's very scary to think he's borderline laminitic. His insulin resistance is totally out of control, technical word is "uncompensated". It's really just lovely.

Still trying to decide if I should got the beet pulp route for a couple months and then switch Gus to Progressive ProAdvantage Grass (what Gringo is currently on). I'm thinking that it would be better to do the BP first... but it's hard when no one agrees on anything and I'm just looking out for the best interest of my horse. So, we'll see.

(To see the results better, click the picture.)

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