Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Insulin Resistance

Yippee, skippy. Just found out last night that Gus is insulin resistant. His glucose levels were within the normal range at 116 (52-121 mg/dL) but the insulin was very much elevated at 37.0 (0.5-10.0 ug/dl). So, I have a metabolic horse who's not Cushings, which is a good thing, but now we need to take a serious look at Gus's diet.

I've got a lesson tonight on either H or S, not sure which yet, but I'm going to definitely be chatting with the BO about Gus's diet. Looks like the best plan of action would be to switch to beet pulp and start soaking Gus's hay, least until I can get the hay analyzed.

But I guess we'll see what happens. Waiting to hear back from the vet again about her suggestions.

As far as Gringo, well we're pulling his shoes this week (tomorrow, exact) and waiting a couple weeks and then rechecking the nerve block. Dr. N wasn't happy with the first one but wants to be sure he can be totally, and successfully, blocked before we think about the neurectomy. So, she's basically rethought things since she saw Gringo last.

Definitely will keep this blog updated.

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