Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, talked to Gus's BO tonight. She didn't want to pull his grain entirely and kept pointing fingers back to me... the reason why he has IR is because he has been on glucosamine products for nearly 9 years and because I keep giving him treats.

Come on now. That can't possibly be the reason why he his IR. He was on glucosamine at the recommendation of her YEARS ago, after an injury he sustained while she was working him. I saw it happen. Vet recommended a glucosamine product also and he started to develop some arthritis in that joint (left stifle).

Anyways, she also made mention to the numerous treats he gets daily. You know, the one tiny treat he has in his supp container... that too causes IR.

God. It's just annoying. Was able to get her to agree to limit his grain to 1/2 pound twice a day now, instead of the 2 1/2 pounds he was getting. I'm going to try to get all pelleted supplements and then we can cut all grain. It's just frustrating to be getting blamed for my horse's illness, when all along it's probably been other contributing factors.

He's one horse who we always thought may have had Cushings. Curly hair. Heavy. Lack of energy. The list could keep going on. Fortunately, at this time he does not have any of those issues... but honestly, who knows when everything happened?

Had a nice ride tonight though. Walked for about 20 minutes and did a couple laps in the trot. Seemed to be moving pretty decently. A slight hitch to both hind legs, but nothing significant. The mud is horrendous out at the barn. We've probably had nearly three inches of rain since Monday. Rivers are flooding and some roads have been washed out (gravel roads). Glad the horses won't need to be evacuated, but still...

Gringo doesn't seem to have improved much at all with the shoes being pulled. Which is guess is somewhat good news. I am thinking about just keeping the shoes off. They weren't helping him at all... and why waste my money if it's not working? Still probably going to have Dr. N back out to redo the nerve blocks. It's worth a shot, at least.

We'll see. I hope this spring is a better one the previous years.

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