Monday, March 9, 2009

The videos have finally arrived!

After many problems, I finally went to the Sprint Store to figure out what the heck is going on. I had done an update on my phone, because there was one out there, but still couldn't transfer media (primarily videos). Well, finally figured out how to do that. Yeah! So, without further adieu, here's come new videos of the kids.

These first couple are of Gus. They were taken yesterday by my mom. So, please don't judge their quality on that. Plus, my Blackberry doesn't take superb video, but it gets the job done.

So, here's Gus at the walk:

And the trot:

So, what'd think, besides the obvious? I know the videos are crappy... especially at the trot. He looks like he's got super fast legs, but in reality we're going quite slow. Anyways, neither video has been edited at all - cause I haven't got a clue as how to do that yet.

And, here's Gringo's videos. He's still (quite obviously) lame. These were taken on the first of March. So just a couple more days older. I plan on getting more videos as time allows... plus I definitely want to keep a log of his progress.

This is him walking in from the pasture:

And this is walking outside, up the hill:

And this is coming back down the hill:

So, there you go. Still have two very lame horses. Oh the joy. Thankfully Gus can be worked under saddle lightly. And I really do think he enjoys the light walk/trot work.

Other then that, Gringo has his spring vaccines done this past Wednesday. All went well. We also did a PD block on the left front. He blocked successfully, which means he is a candidate for a neurectomy. Dr. N is going to talk to another vet to see if he'll do the surgery. Of course we're waiting until the ground unthaws before anything drastic happens. Also, there's a possibility that his shoulders are bothering him. You'll notice in the previous videos posted that he walks really stiff-legged, kinda like a soldier. Who knows what's up.

And, we changed him shoes again. Added a bar shoe on the left front with just Equipak. J also added some drilled in studs for traction. The other hoof is sporting the same St. Croix Eventer with a snow-rim pad again. No Equipak or studs for that shoe. He's not any worse, or any better.

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