Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's winter again!

Brrrr. It's absolutely FREEZING outside again. Went to see both boys today. I did take 5 videos of Gringo today, but I'm having issues uploading them from my Blackberry onto my computer. Once I get those kinks worked out, I'll be posting the new videos.

But, he's still lame. The videos show that. Dr. N will be out on Wednesday to do spring vaccines, test for EIA and do a nerve block. Then, on Thursday J will be back out to reset his shoes. I think the plan is to switch to bar shoes (least on the left front) and then add drilled-in studs for traction.

Gus was okay today. He's now turned out with Novi because there was a new boarder... and no more private turnouts. So... least things are going okay. He's been with Novi before and they got along fine, I'm really just worried about this spring, when MUD season hits. I'm really, really dreading it.

I rode today in my Stubben Woton. First time I've sat in that in quite a while. Gus was ok, definitely more off then he was the other day, but I'm not sure if it's due to the cold (frigid cold snap, again), lack of pain meds (has been off them now for just over a week) or the saddle (it props me up differently then my Kieffer does). Who knows?

Anyways, if he's not any better on Tuesday or Wednesday, I think I'll be adding back in the Previcox. I also ordered from fenugreek, shavegrass, chaste tree berry and grape seed extract. Both boys will be started on all of the herbs, with the exception of the CTB, that's just for Gus (to see if it helps with cribbing as it's a dopamine inhibitor).

Hopefully I'll have some new (and good) updates here shortly. We shall soon see.

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