Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Definitely made a little bit of progress today with both boys, especially Gringo though.

I started off working with Gringo on the lunge. Instead of the same ol', same ol', I set up some cavalletti poles. Specifically, three poles. Quite comical watching Gringo navigate the poles the first few times. Walking them wasn't such a big deal, but he thought it was nearly impossible to trot the poles. Eventually, like everything else, he figured it out and it wasn't such a big deal. Although towards the end he thought it would've been more fun cantering the poles instead of trotting. Sheesh Gringo!

After the lunge work, we worked on some in-hand work. Specifically, I had the reins over his head and set up as if I were riding and basically we walked around the arena like that for about 10 minutes. I did need to eventually grab a dressage whip as the forward movement was lost ... but he was a pretty good boy, considering everything. This is definitely a place where we need to make a lot of progress. But baby steps. That's what I keep telling myself anyways.

Gringo finished his hour long session with about 10 minutes at the mounting block. He did not like it one bit. Actually, in general, he doesn't like it. Standing at the mounting block in itself isn't a big deal but me banging around on him isn't cool, least in Gringo's opinion. The mounting block is definitely an area for improvement as well.

I rode Gus after working Gringo. Same exact program as our last right. Except I threw in a few more serpentines tonight, along with a lot more canter circles. I'm thankful that we found something that works for the front end stiffness. The shoulder stretches (is that what I said I'd call them? I forget now) work wonders. Once we got to the trot, I didn't need to ask for as much flexion, Gus just was there and moving right along.

Canter work today was mainly on a large figure-8. Gus was really, really good with the canter work. It wasn't as nice and rhythmic as in previous rides, but it was still pretty - all things considered. He's definitely gaining his stamina back, that's for sure.

At the end, we did some stretchy-chewy circles (again, on the figure-8) at the trot. We had some nice moments there as well. Definitely making progress with Gus as well too.

Tomorrow is lesson day again. I plan on working Gringo first and then having a lesson on Gus. I'll update as soon as I can.

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