Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gringo's 6th Birthday!

Well, today was Gringo's birthday, his sixth to be exact. I didn't have much of anything in the house, so all he got was a few homemade molasses & peppermint treats that I whipped up last night. He seemed to enjoy them - like who wouldn't? I'll be getting some more apples at the grocery store here in the next day or two and making him a yummy apple and oatmeal mash... he deserves something special for his birthday.

I think he's growing, again. He's looking a bit butt-high. Oh well. As he stands right now, I believe he's right at 15 hands. I think he's not half bad, conformation-wise, but he's nonetheless a lovely pasture ornament now.
He is still lame on that left front. He's slightly better now then he was with the previous shoeing... but definitely way worse then he was this past fall. Not sure if we can go back to the frog support or not, but I think he may need it. he's definitely still ouchy.
Gus is doing the same as well. Still lame... moreso going to the left then to the right. We rode for about 20 minutes again today. He's still tracking up with the hind end but moving more on his forehand then off the hind. Need to work on correcting that.
I'm still trying to find someone to video us... as soon as I can get some video, I'll be posting that. But, who knows when that'll be.
Regardless, no major changes (good or bad) for either boys to report. Still waiting on that ACTH test for Gus. Hopefully that'll be done yet this next week. We'll see.

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