Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Cushings!

Yippee! Gus tested negative for Cushings. I'm so excited. However, the vet tech/receptionist forgot to test for insulin resistance (IR), so that'll be tested here this coming month. I'm hoping that that test yields negative results, but we shall soon see.

And boy, is it SNOWING out. We've probably gotten about 6" now (snow started shortly after 8am) and it's not even 1pm yet. They say we may get upwards of 10"... I hope not.

Getting back to Gus, he seemed to be doing okay yesterday when I rode. Surprisingly, he was better to the left then to the right at the trot, the first time. We were able to do some lazy figure-8s in the trot. Didn't do any lateral work with him at all. Also didn't apply any Sore-No-More after riding. We'll see how he feels on Saturday or Sunday, whenever I can get out to the barn next.

Also, I further decreased his Recovery Eq, from 1 1/2 scoops to 1 scoop, which is the maintenance dosage. And, when I refilled supps for this next week, I did not add in the Previcox. We'll see how he goes. I have a feeling that I'll be needing to add that back in.

Talking with the BO, it looks like Gus may go back on turnout with a couple other horses. She's got some new boarders coming in for March and he can't be on private turnout anymore, which really stinks. Hopefully he'll adjust well and life will be grand. If not, well we'll go from there.

Haven't seen Gringo since the weekend. Need to call J and get appointments set for both boys for farrier work. Still no word from the BF's parents about the possibility of the boys moving. So, if we do go that route, won't be until May now, at the earliest. Such is life.

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