Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, had my weekly lesson again, first time in almost a month (last one was the first Wednesday after New Years). Wow... did I forget a lot! Sheesh. But it was fun, as always. Riding S this time. She's a good ol' mare that knows a lot and loves to put people in their place.

Rode Gus afterwards. He seemed to be doing okay - not as well as over the weekend, but he wasn't nearly as stiff as he had been in prior weeks. We walked for a total of about 15 minutes and spent about 5 minutes doing trot work (about 1-2 minute sets before a walk break). The BO/Trainer was in the arena the same time because another rider was lessoning. She said he was still off (well, duh!) but questioned what happened if we'd go from a halt, rein back to trot. Tried it and he didn't like it. Noticed more issues with the left stifle then the right. Interesting.

He's still much better trotting to the right then to the left. Still trying to figure out why... I think I'll actually post on CoTH to see if they give me an answer. I guess, specifically, I'd like to know when posting which hind leg are you giving a "break" to? Hmm.

I was proud of him last night though. He's been higher then a kite to bring in at night - actually reared up and struck out at BO a couple days back. Who knows why, except... interesting to note that he's on a higher dosage of MSM and others on CoTH have noticed that higher doses have causes some horses to be more hyper, energetic. Wonder if that's the difference? But he's been getting worse to bring at night over the last couple months, the increase in MSM just happened within the last 2 weeks. Anyways, getting back to why I was proud of him. He's been cribbing like crazy again, even with his Rambo band on. Since I led him in last night (and he was good for me, tense, but good) and was planning on riding, he didn't get supper right away. He was a bit irked by that but cooperated. Not once did I catch him trying to crib while I was grooming/saddling him. Then again, he could have gone to town when I went to grab his bridle from my locker, so who really knows? Anyways, he's getting a new collar this next month. It's one of theses: We'll see if it works. The Miracle Collar (aka Rambo band) is this one:

Gringo is supposedly doing a bit better. Got a call from his BO the other day (Sunday I think). Said he was walking out of his stall much more comfortably. We'll see how he is when I go to visit tomorrow morning (planning on it anyways). I'm hoping he's doing okay. I hate the fact that he's been so sore but we're kinda on our last leg with things as it is. Once the weather improves hopefully he'll start feeling a bit better too.

Still waiting to hear from the BF and his parents if moving the boys is a go ahead... I'm hoping so.

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