Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well, haven't been out to see Gus since last Wednesday (previous post). He was surprisingly good (natured). He's still very much off, worse then he was a couple weeks back, but he willingly worked for me today.

His right eye was a bit weepy today. Again, first time I've seen him since Wednesday - so he's had no maintenance with that eye. I'm planning on going to the barn tomorrow also, so hopefully it's looking better then.

Still waiting to hear back from the vet with regards to Gus's ACTH, Insulin and Glucose tests. Hoping for positive (well, actually negative) results, but we'll see within the next week or so.

Gringo is still off. Haven't heard back from J yet (the farrier). Not sure if she'll be calling me back or not. Gringo will be switching over to aspirin here shortly, or the BL Pellets, if they arrive soon. I'm hoping I can make him more comfortable, because he definitely isn't very comfortable right now. May need to talk to Dr. N about him again...

Anyways, nothing else new. It's turned cold again. Stinks... or errr... it's just really cold. I hate it. Such is life in the midwest.

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