Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The heat... it's KILLING me.

Well, not literally. But it's been down right ridiculous here in MN lately. The last nice days we had here in central MN were over a week ago. I was the lucky individual at work who had Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday off, because I was stuck working the weekend shift. Well, you can bet that I enjoyed those two days outside. Since then, we've had nearly record highs - 80s and 90s with high dew points and high humidity.  Supposedly we were hotter then the Amazon yesterday, at 8:30 in the morning!

So, today I am supposed to have a lesson - long standing lessons, Wednesdays @ 6p. However, due the extreme heat - it's cancelled. Bummer but totally understandable, and with temps like we've been having, there's no way I'd actually want to ride in this weather.

Instead, I plan on going out to the barn to bring Gus a nice, cool treat. Some celery. I wanted to give him some watermelon, but it's high in sugar and with his IR issues I don't really want to push him over the edge. So, celery it is. Plus, I need to refill his grain baggies (all his meals are pre-baggied) and I want to see how his hooves look post trim. He was trimmed on 7/14, so I'm hoping everything looks good. I should have some new photos to post within the next day or two, hopefully.

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