Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lesson = Very Successful

Today was lesson day again. First lesson, and real ride, since my last lesson two weeks ago. Gus was amazing.

We started off as usual on the lunge line with side reins. The only real issues I noticed was he was slightly off to the left (mainly on the left fore it seemed) ... and short with the right hind, although that is not unusual.

Once done with the warm-up, we proceeded to riding work. Same ol' once again. Serpentines. But you know what? They work.

After doing a few repetitions both directions, we worked on some leg yield work. Mainly, we did leg yields across the diagonal. Once we had those well established, we did leg yields across the diagonal again, but once we reached the opposite quarter line, I asked for the canter and kept the canter until just before the next short side. Eventually, that progressed to doing transitions on the leg yield, on the diagonal - just at the walk and trot.

That was the jist of my lesson today. Nothing too overly exiting, but Gus was just fabulous, all things considered. Definitely need to keep working on the down, round and forward. But I really also need to incorporate more lateral work, whether that be leg yields, or haunches-in... He just needs more hind end work.

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