Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday's lesson was amazing. Gus was such a good boy. For the first time in ages, we actually got the right lead canter EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I asked. And there was no rushing into the canter or anything along those lines either. Just a nice, balanced trot to canter transaction. Amazing.

So, the lesson consisted of the same ol', same ol' but fortunately for Gus, it works. So we did the 3 and 4 loop serpentines at the trot, throwing in a 8-10m circle at A/C and again at E/B - depending on what direction we were going.

Then we proceeded to work on the canter. All we did for canter work yesterday was 2 20m circles at each "major" letter, so A/B/C/E. Gus had to maintain a nice, slow, relaxed and ROUND canter. And for the most part, he did.

We ended the lesson with working on haunches in, but more specifically head-to-the-wall, butt-to-the-wall leg yields. Basically, we worked on the baby steps to get the haunches in. Of course we had issues getting the right leg to do what it needed to do, but we did end on a good note. These "haunches in" were really hard for Gus though, so I think I will plan on incorporating them into our workouts in the future... because they really will strengthen this hindend more.

Our game plan for the next few weeks will be working on the serpentines, "haunches in" - progressing towards a more true haunches in, and long canters/hand gallops. I think that kind of conditioning work will help Gus continue to develope his topline.

I'm so proud of my ol' man!

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