Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, Thursday

Well, I had another amazing ride on Gus again today. It was literally, verbatim, a copy from yesterday's lesson. The only difference really was that Gus was not wanting to pick up the right lead canter on the lunge today. We haven't had any issues with that in weeks... so the plan is to just monitor that and if things get worse, have Dr. N back out to either reinject (I hope not) or do a Legend injection (much more doable).

We otherwise had a nice ride. Gus was obedient and willing, we had some very nice moments. I'm hoping we can keep Gus moving soundly and we can keep moving forward in our training.

Today I also went out to see Gringo. Mainly I went out because my future SIL wanted to visit and we figured we could coordinate our times so we'd both be out at the same time. Anyways, I put Gringo back on the lunge line and he was a good boy again. First time I've worked with him in a few weeks. Mainly the same ol', same ol' - WHOA/walk/trot, emphasis on the whoa.

When I added the side reins back in, I moved them back two holes - so back to where they were originally. I figured I wouldn't press my luck with having them more restricted. The only issues we had were when Gringo thought the world was ending (aka geese honking/T bellering/Buster acting dumb). Ironically enough, just when all that commotion started was when I asked Gringo for the canter. We did have a nice canter on the right, the left was a bit harried - but I did have one nice attempt. We ended the session on a good note...

Then, Gringo got a bath. First bath (sans shampoo) in years. And he was such a good boy. Just one photo of a clean horse, the rest are the results of being turned back out.

[My favorite... both ears are pricked forward as well]

I'm hoping to get more photos in days and weeks to come. I did end up taking a video of Gus's ride from today, but even edited down (removing all the dead space) it is still just over a half hour long. And nothing is working right for me right now. For whatever reason I can't get YouTube or Picasa to work properly... and it's not like I don't have enough storage space, as I recently purchased an additional 20GB of space from Google, specifically for backup storage but now I can't get it to work. Supposedly it has something to do with GPS and all that jazz, but I'm not entirely sure how to turn off the GPS on my cell, cause the way I see it right now, it's turned off already. Oh well.

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