Thursday, August 18, 2011

Abscess, Day 2

Nothing new on the abscess front. Went out to the barn to see Gus again today and was able to soak his left front for 25 minutes today. I'm so proud of Gus being such a good and patient boy about standing still in the cross-ties.

After the soak, I applied an Animalintex poultice pad instead of the Magic Cushion. After doing a bit more research, I'm going to hold off on the MC until the abscess is done draining. Then maybe I'll go back to that.

Here's the photos from today. The first couple are of Gus chillin' in the cross-ties. The last two are of the abscess.

 The brown bits right around the frog are leftover MC. The abscess itself is in the lower left part of the hoof. 

I'm not able to make it out to the barn tomorrow, so B will be taking care of Gus's hoof for me. Plan is to go out again Saturday sometime to rewrap and then on Sunday is the big benefit show, so I'll have plenty of time to rewrap then as well.

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