Monday, August 22, 2011

Abscess, Day 6

Well, today is day 6 of the abscess. And like the forgetful person I can be, I totally forgot to get photos on Saturday of Gus's hoof. As of Saturday, it looked like the abscess had stopped draining so that's always a good sign.

On Saturday morning I was out to the barn and unwrapped/soaked/rewrapped Gus's hoof. I wasn't able to make it out to the barn on Friday due to my work schedule, so I relied on the BO/BM to rewrap Gus's hoof. I'm not entirely sure if they did or not, to tell you the truth. Doesn't really matter though as long as his hoof is kept wrapped and debris-free.

Anyways, after soaking his hoof in epsom salts again and rewrapping, I opted to use Gus's Soft Ride boot sans pad instead of his Cavallo Simple boot. These boots (the Soft Rides) are super spendy but are a lot more breathable and a lot less irritating then the Cavallos. As of Sunday, the wrap and boot were still intact so I opted to not rewrap.

I had instructed my BO to rewrap Gus's hoof if need be today - for sure I'll be out tomorrow to take care of Gus, since I'll finally have an afternoon off again. Pictures for sure by tomorrow.

Today was also chiro day at the barn. Gus should have gotten adjusted again by Dr. K so we'll see what she had to say when I'm out at the barn tomorrow. Hopefully everything went well and if he had anything out of alignment, she was able to put everything back into place. I guess I'll know tomorrow.

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