Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Abscess, Day 7

Well, things are looking good for Gus. Today is day 7 and I from what I can tell, we're done with the draining aspect of this whole ordeal. So on to just wrapping/booting for protection.

Today I opted to not reboot Gus. I guess Dr. K recommended Gus be booted on both fronts, so he was wearing his Soft Rides sans pads all day yesterday and again today. However, the barn got over three inches of rain overnight and it sounded like Gus was wearing galoshes. Poor guy!

So, instead of wearing boots, Gus is just wrapped on the left front with vetwrap and duck tape. I doubt it'll even last the night, it's so wet out there, but I figured his hooves to stand a breather from the boots for at least a night.

I also had the opportunity to lunge Gus today. Today is the first time in over a week that I've watched him go. I didn't think he looked too bad so I guess I'll take it easy and plan on maybe a ride either Thursday or over the weekend sometime.

Here's the photos from today:

What's upsetting me about this hoof is the separation that is occurring on the outside of the hoof wall. It's fairly evident in the last two photos, but it's just to the left of the abscess. Not sure what the heck is going on and I think whatever it is, it's new - I don't recall the separation being there a few days ago. So, I guess I'll be monitoring that from now on as well too.

Also, I guess Gus was a little you-know-what yesterday for Dr. K. Striking and biting, knocked Dr. K off her boxes and bit C (the BM) in the chest. Thank GOD he just got her shirt. He can be a real sh*t, but he doesn't typically try that stuff with me - or else the chain goes on. I'm not sure if they ever threw a chain on Gus, but it sounds like he needed it.  He's got better manners then that, but I think C is a bit afraid of Gus.

Anyways, I'm not sure what all Dr. K found or didn't find as I wasn't there (obviously), but she didn't leave me a note either. So, I guess I'll be emailing her to find out what she did or didn't find.

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