Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tredstep Boots!

Not so much G2 related, however I do need to have protective footwear when running around with the boys. So, my mom and husband went in together for my birthday and got me these awesome boots. They were exactly what I wanted (after having hinted to both of them that that was what I wanted for my birthday).

My only qualm with them is they are *pinches fingers together* this much too short. But they are lovely, nonetheless. Here's some pictures of the gorgeous new boots.

And I know they are field boots and not dress boots, but honestly I don't like the look of dress boots. So I got me some field boots. And they are amazing. The leather is just as supple as can be and they are breaking in nicely. I've only worn them for three hours thus far, but they are already breaking in around the ankles. So, they may be good to go sooner then expected.

They are Tredstep Donatellos from Smartpak Equine. Did I mention they are fabulous? Cause if I didn't, they are.

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