Monday, September 19, 2011

Abscess Updates... Long Overdue

I've been horrible about updating the blog this past week. My bad... life just got in the way, you know how that goes. Anyways, as I type, we are into day number 12 of dealing with this latest round of abscessing. Sheesh. Still no end in sight as it's still draining. Go figure. I was out this past Wednesday (the 14th), Friday (the 16th) and Saturday (the 17th). Nothing seems to have changed much. Here's the photos from the past three trips to the barn.

Wednesday, 14th (Day 7)

Friday, 16th (Day 9)

Saturday, 17th (Day 10)

It's obviously looking a lot better, as evident from the last couple of photos I took on Saturday, but still no where near healed. Farrier won't be out until next Monday, so hopefully everything will stay together until then. I'm still a bit concerned about the hoof wall that seems to be separating a bit - it's to the "northwest" of the abscess - left side of hoof if looking at the photos posted above. Not sure if the white line is separating or if the hoof wall is just seriously chipping. Gus will be at 6.5 weeks when he's trimmed again on Monday... not sure if we need to bump up the timing or just keep up what we are doing.

Anyways, I wasn't able to make it to the barn yesterday or today. Tomorrow isn't looking so hot either (due to my work schedule), so I asked the BO to see to Gus and make sure his hoof stays wrapped. I had kept his Soft Rides off for the past few days, just to give his hooves a break... but with the little bit of rain we got yesterday, I'm not sure if the duct tape boot is enough. I suppose I'll have more information and photos again by Wednesday or Thursday (I'll be out to the barn Wednesday night to soak/rewrap).

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