Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy LABOR Day!

So, Labor Day should be a day of some good ol' fashioned R & R (rest and relaxation), right? Well, after a long 3-day weekend (finally, first one all summer!) I finally had a chance today to go out and see the boys. I saw Gus first, but he'll get his own post here in a few minutes. Gringo first.

I haven't been out to see Gringo in a bit, probably about 10 days or so. But all in all, he seems to be doing great. I think he truly is a bit bored with life. All he does is eat, sleep, p & p. It's a life of leisure, if you ask me, but I truly think he'd enjoy doing more with himself. Needless to say, my MIL agrees but I just don't have the guts to get up on Gringo, once we're back to that point. She insists that my husband can get up on Gringo, or better yet, his best friend. The fact of the matter is, I don't want anyone I know getting up on Gringo that I know personally... god forbid he does something stupid again, I just don't want anyone to get hurt. I wouldn't want a professional to get hurt either, but they "break" horses for a living, so would carry (I would hope anyways) adequate liability/accident insurance. I would just feel better if I was someone else getting on Gringo for the first time.

Today, Gringo got a good grooming and that was it. I had wanted to do some work with him, but I was a bit overdressed (had a hoodie on from this morning, it was a breezy 49 degrees when I got up) and just anxious to get back home.

On Wednesday morning Gringo is getting his hooves trimmed again. He is 8 weeks out on Wednesday and I think I waited two weeks too long. He's really long and has a lot of breakage going on, especially with the RH. I'm planning on talking to L, the farrier, to see about bringing the toes back further. They are just too long. See for yourself.

A close up of the RH crack/chip.

It seems to me, but I'm no hoof expert, that Gringo's heels are a bit contracted and he's flaring, badly. Mind you he's sound on these hooves, but they certainly aren't pretty to look at. Uggh.

I ended up grooming him outside today as well and took the opportunity to get some good body shots. Or attempt to get some body shots. I accidentally deleted one of the side shots, so here goes.

Gringo is still eating ~ 1/3cup of alfalfa pellets daily along with his supps. He is still getting MagOx 56%, Mega Cell and MSM. Couldn't tell you how much hay he's getting, but I know my MIL is still supplementing hay, and the pasture has been FABULOUS this year. So, he's still a fattie... only so much I can do though regarding that (and she won't listen re: the hay situation).

Anyways, nothing else new regarding Gringo. He's feeling good and looking fairly good. Just need to see what we can do regarding his hooves. Hopefully we can get working on those.

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