Monday, September 5, 2011

Bute = Sound

Well, like I previously mentioned, Gus gets his own post today. So, I haven't worked with Gus since I last posted and I was a bit leery as to what I'd find once I got out there. Definitely wasn't thinking he'd be doing okay... turns out, he kinda was.

He walked into the barn fairly evenly and was weight-bearing on all four legs. I had brought out his Cavallo Simple Boots, just on the off chance that he was off, I could try those on him to see if they made any difference. Good new was, I didn't need to use them at all. 

As per our last few workouts, I recorded Gus's work as best as I could. Turns out I need to angle my cell phone more, I ended up filming more of the ceiling then of the arena. Oh well, I tried. 

Just before we started working, Gus decided to have a moment. Here he is. 

I'm not sure what he's staring at, but he wasn't moving... just staring out the arena window. 

See below for the videos of Gus's work from today. 

Lunging w/o side reins

Lunging w/ side reins

Undersaddle work

I also noticed that Gus has developed a quarter crack on the outside of his RH hoof. I don't recall it being there a few days ago. Gus's next trim isn't scheduled until the 26th of September, so hopefully his hooves will hold up to a 6 week trim. The last two trims have been done at four week intervals because of all the bad cracking he's been having.

Here's a few pictures of the quarter crack. 

So, in general, Gus seems slightly better. Granted, he is on 1gram of bute daily and has been since his last ride. I also gave him another gram after I rode. Gus was looking really good when we left the arena. No funky steps, whatsoever. Maybe we are making progress.

I did talk to B as well, regarding Gus. Turns out my message (voicemail/email) I left Dr. N was pretty jumbled up. So Gus never did get looked at. I'm still thinking about x-raying the LF, just to see if any more changes are occurring. Especially since we know that back in January, his P2 was tilted a bit (that or there is something messed up with the P3). I guess I need to figure if I want Gus seen again... cause Cherry is leaving for Florida next week. She got "traded" for an Arabian gelding who used to board out at the barn. He's got "summer sores" (aka sweet itch, neck threadworms, etc) and just is absolutely miserable. His mom contacted B and asked to see if she would take him. Somehow a trade was made. Hopefully Cherry finds a good job down in Florida... she deserves it. So, Kherrosel (I think that's how it's spelt - think carousel) will be back to the barn, after being gone for probably at least 10 years. 

I opted to not have a lesson this week again, seeing as Gus still isn't back to his old self, though he seems to be doing better. I'm aiming for next week. I'm scheduled to work again this weekend, so I should be able to get rides in on Tuesday and Wednesday, for sure. I'm still undecided at this time if I'll be riding Thursday before work. But hopefully Gus is on the upswing of things. 

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