Monday, September 19, 2011

Hoof Pictures, again

I was finally able to make it out to the in-laws this past Friday. I kinda killed two birds with one stone - saw Gringo and took photos of his hooves (about 9 days post-trim) and picked up feed for Gus.

So, here's the photos I took this past Friday. As usual, the are taken in order of left front, left rear, right rear and right front.

I'm still not overly pleased with the oblong-looking hooves. It's fairly evident in all the sole shots that I took - though I'm thinking that I like how his hinds look this time around. I guess we'll see how things look about 5 more weeks down the road. I do not want to wait until 8 weeks have passed... that's just about two weeks too long.

I thought that I had kept the photo of my "assistant" from the hoof photo shoot, but it doesn't look like I uploaded it with the others. One of my MIL's rootsters decided to give pointers. Was pretty funny to have a rooster "cockadoodle-doodling" above me as I was taking pictures.

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