Thursday, September 22, 2011


Meet Hannibal (aka Gus).

After Gus's nasty behavior last month when the chiropractor was out, we came up with a unique solution to Gus's attempts at biting people. A grazing muzzle. Worked wonders and he was so ashamed to be seen wearing it as well. Was quite comical.

So, Dr. K found that Gus has more or less the same issues as he's had in the past, just to a lesser extent this time around. Most of the issues were isolated to the right side of the neck, the lumbar region of the back and the sacroiliac joint. For the most part, all on the right side of his body. He was also out at the poll again, so he was adjusted there as well.

I definitely think we made some progress, as far as behavior goes. B, the barn owner, actually gave Dr. K the grazing muzzle to use on other clients. Kinda funny, but it should help make her job safer. FWIW, Gus would never try doing what he did last time with me. He respects me. I don't think he has any respect for C, the barn "manager". Which is too bad (though I secretly think she doesn't like Gus - which horses can sense when you don't like them).

I had a chance to soak and rewrap Gus again today. He's looking a bit better but I honestly can't tell if he's healing up or what. Dr. N will be out at the barn tomorrow to look at another horse, so I'm going to have her recheck Gus again as well. If he doesn't need to say wrapped, then we'll pull the wraps. Otherwise hopefully on Monday, when J's out to retrim Gus, he'll be able to let me know what he think. Haha - if he'll even talk to me.

I guess we'll see what Monday/Tuesday brings for us. Not sure when I'll be able to make it back out to the barn because I'll be out of town until Sunday evening (going to IA/WI to see family and go to the apple orchards - family tradition).

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