Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gringo - Video At Last

Well, today I was finally able to get half-way decent video of Gringo on the lunge. We were supposed to have the farrier out at 9am but somewhere along the lines, the time was changed to 11am. I never got the memo. Oh well, so with a whole hour and a half to kill (I had already done everything that I needed to do with Gringo prior to the original 9am appointment), I decided to work with Gringo on the lunge line. He was a good boy.

We ended up working on w/t/whoa again. The couple times I asked for the canter, I got the wrong lead and a very resistant horse. Just not worth it. So instead it was forward and obedient. Please ignore my obnoxious voice... still haven't figured out the whole "music" thing on Youtube yet. 

Lunge w/o side reins

Lunge w/ side reins

And I wished to get photos of Gringo's hooves post-trim, but my cellphone had died... so hopefully I can make it out the barn here in the next few days to get photos. I did talk to L about bringing back Gringo's toes. He said he trims by the white line and always addresses any flares. Gringo definitely needed this trim as he was flaring badly... sheesh it's amazing how fast his hooves grew in 8 weeks. I guess the next trim will be at 6 weeks and we'll go from there. 

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