Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm depressed.

So, I had a long email "chat" with G2's vet yesterday. It's said to say, but I think we've hit our wall, financially and emotionally. She doesn't think there's too much left to do with either boy and it's really hitting me hard. Gringo was to be Gus's "replacement" because I was starting to have more soundness issues with Gus back in 2006. Well, unfortunately he fell VERY short on that mark and now I've got two pasture potatoes, for life.


Anyways, I'm thinking about talking with the BF again about moving Gringo back out to his parents' house this next spring... possibly even Gus, depending on how much he improves. I hate to field board Gus, but the BF's parents (mom) took EXCELLENT care of Gringo last year when he was there. And, she's got three other oldies... just put her 32 year old mare to sleep this summer due to basically old age, and complications due to having uveitis.

I'm just bummed out on life. I'm thinking, seriously, about taking a break from riding. As much as I hate to do it, it's just not the same when I can't ride Gus... and now not being able to work with Gringo, what's the point of riding? I just want to spend time giving the boys some much deserved love and attention. Poor Gus seems almost upset to see me riding another horse, it's sad to see.

I'll update on the boys again at a later date.

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