Friday, October 24, 2008

Stall Rest for Gus

Well, after talking it over with the vet and BO, we decided to keep Gus on stall rest for the time being. So Thursday was the first day he was left in, and I guess he couldn't have been any happier. Go figure. Being on stall rest, again, means I gotta get up early every day, even my days off, to clean his stall. Otherwise, I get charged an extra $5/day since it'll have to be cleaned twice.

But, thankfully, he seems to be doing okay on his second day of stall rest. We're putting his hay into piles around his stall so he keeps moving. Seems like the more he moves the better that leg is, to an extent. I found out just prior to his recent injury, he was out running (i.e. trotting and cantering) in his paddock. Idiot.

I'm also getting a new pain med for both boys. Interestingly enough, Equioxx (firocoxib) is the same thing as the canine Previcox, but about 4% of the cost (actually only $ 0.40/day). Thankfully I was able to get a script written so I can order it online. Stay tuned for updates on how that drug works... gonna put both boys on it.

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