Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lame, again!

I'm really fed up with my life. Really. So today was supposed to be Gus's photo op, but that didn't go as planned. I haven't been out to the barn since Wednesday evening. He was fine then. He actually had a new horse turned out with him (again). This guy we'll call N. Well, supposedly they were getting along just fine. Fast forward a couple days.

When I got to Gus's turnout, he was reluctant to move towards the gate. This in itself isn't too uncommon as Gus is big into eating... but in recent weeks he's been meeting me at his turnout gate. So, as he's moving I notice immediately that he's off. Looks like it's the right hind. Got him into the barn easily enough and as I go to take off his blanket I notice that it got shredded... no biggie as this is an older blanket that I'd like to "die" off. Under those two rips (left shoulder and left flank) there were no major bumps/bruises/etc. He had a little nick on his flank that's new, but it's nothing major. But on his right rib cage he's missing a huge chunk of skin. It'll be about a fist size once all the dead stuff sloughs off. It's VERY painful to the touch.

Getting back to his hind legs though, he was having a hard time putting weight on the right hind, again. Looks like he reaggravated that stifle. I was able to finally get all four hooves cleaned out, but it was no easy task. He's in a lot of pain.

So much for that photo op. We did attempt to get some photos but he was miserable. It warmed back up abit today and the flies were bothering Gus like there's no tomorrow. So, nothing turned out that spectacular. I'll post a photo or two later once I get around to editing the good ones.

Anyways, I got a call into the vet again about Gus. I'm thinking we're gonna need to do stall rest again until he's more comfortable. And then, I'm contemplating about switching Gus and Gringo around... definitely need to talk to Gringo's BO, but something needs to change. This isn't working when Gus keeps getting beat up. It's not fair to him whatsoever.

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