Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gus is bored.

So, Gus is bored to death! He's been stuck inside since last Wednesday (so almost a week) and he's just bored. I guess he has decided to attempt to redecorate his stall again. Removing his halter, flinging around his feed pan and attempting to destroy his blankets.

The hand walking is going well and he's usually a bit more fluid by the end of it, but he's so very, very stiff. Not on anything for the pain right now... waiting for the Previcox prescription to come in. I'm a bit PO'd that the pharmacy hasn't filled it yet. Very frustrating.

And, with regards to the hand walking, Gus decided to chomp on the decorative pumpkin (well, it's a real one, but it was sitting there just for looks) that was sitting on the ground near the rail. I couldn't believe it. Well, I should say that I should believe it but seriously... what a dork.

So, any suggestions for a horse that will eat anything? He's not one to play with things and he cribs (out of boredom as much as it is from pain...).

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