Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Photo Op

Well, I decided to tried advantage of the lovely fall foliage this weekend to get some nice photos of Gringo (Gus's to come at a later date). So, of the 60 or so photos my mother took, these are a few of the handful that turned out well. Gringo is such a ham when it comes to photo ops. Go figure, right?

(I like this one the best.)

On a not so light note, he's still very much lame. Still having weight bearing issues with that left front. He'll be back on bute now for a while... just need to add it to his supps. Oh, and today he got his second DD of ivermectin. Still no issues, per say. No bumps, excessive itching, etc. We'll see how these next couple weeks go... I'm hoping no issues.


Miss Christine Stoddard said...

Beautiful horse! Now give your long-faced friends some glorious shoes! Say, red high-heels? :) In the city where I live (Richmond, VA), people dress up their horses in costumes for Halloween!

Just looking; keep blogging!

-Christine Stoddard

appychik said...

Thanks. I think he is pretty. But, his shoes already cost a fortune every six weeks (think $125).