Thursday, October 30, 2008

The boys...

Boys'll be boys, as the saying goes. So here's some recent (taken yesterday) shots of the kids:

Gringo modeling his lovely Best Friends Grazing Muzzle - it works, by the way.

Gringo just looking pretty.

Gus's favorite past time, eating. He's chomping away at a Pony Pop in his photo, complete with his "sweat band" - i.e. the Miracle Collar.

I really should have gotten a photo of Gus this morning, before I cleaned him up. That pony pop... needless to say, he ended up wearing a lot of it overnight. He has sticky stuff (it's a grain based treat with a molasses "glue") all over his face, neck and blanket. ALL OVER. He was just comical when I got to the barn this morning. Just a hoot. Has this "Aut Oh, she's back!" look on his face. It was pretty cute.

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