Friday, October 26, 2012

He arrived!

Gringo was such a good boy today. He made me very, very proud to be his "momma".

Today was the big move and it couldn't have gone smoother. When we got out to the barn and went to load up Gringo, he honestly barely even blinked an eye. To the best of my knowledge, Gringo has never been trailered in a ramp trailer. He could've cared less - and if he had loaded any faster, you would've thought he ran on. I'm so happy that he's a good hauler. Gus, well that's a totally different story.

Anyways, we got him moved out to Gus's barn and off-loaded and that was that. No drama. Barely any calling. He was a very, very good boy.

The only thing I did with him today was walk him around in the indoor arena for about 15 minutes. He was really good and didn't have much to say about any of it - except he was fascinated with himself. You see, the indoor arena has mirrors on two sides ... it's always funny to see a horse watching himself. Anyways, the arena was no issue.

My plan for tomorrow is to work in in the arena ... w/t/c to see what we've got going on. He did manage to take a few canter strides today while out in his turnout. From what little bit I saw, he was sound and not bunny hopping. So here's hoping that tomorrow he'll look amazing.

In talking with L, who did the trailering for me today, I'm more then a bit upset that the BM (not to be confused with B, the trainer & BO) is still attempting to spread rumors about Gringo that are totally unfounded. She (the BM) seems to think that Gringo is still some wild, unmanageable horse that has no respect for others, let alone himself. Well, that's totally untrue. I'm hoping that Gringo's personality wins people over and nothing happens ... but if I hear more rumors, I'm going to go talk to B. It's not fair to Gringo, or me, for these rumors to spread, when no one but myself knows who the real Gringo is. After all, the BM hasn't seen Gringo in 5 years. She has no basis for her argument now. He's not who he used to be.

Anyways, I'll leave you with a couple new photos of Gringo.

And I was too lazy to work with Gus today. So tomorrow he'll get some one on one time as well.

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